Eating Out

Eating Out in Antequera

There are over 100 Cafeterias, Bars and Restaurants in Antequera, and at last count over a dozen Pubs.

local pub

Virtually all (with the exception of the Pubs) offer Tapas for ‘at the bar‘ eating with a drink, and many offer a ‘Menu del Dia‘ which is a low priced (classically 8 euros) three course meal including bread and a drink. Excellent value.

Eating Out in Bar Carrera

‘Raciones’ are a plate size serving of a single food of your choice e.g. ham, cheese, chorizo (sausage), fish varieties, chicken, pork or beef, served without chips or vegetables. A ‘medio ración’ is a half plate size at more or less half the cost. This can be an economical and pleasurable way to eat out if you don’t want a full blown meal. There are often offers which include a bottle of wine e.g. a ración of ham and a bottle of Rioja for say 10 euros.

Eating Jamon iberico

Restaurants will provide a Carta (Menu) and Lista de Vinos (Wine List) for dining. Prices, as anywhere, obviously vary according to standard of the cuisine, ambience and stature of the restaurant and looking around is recommended according to your budget and personal taste. Virtually all have terraces for al fresco eating and snacking.

Eating tapa and drinking wine

All types of meat, fish and seafood are available, both fried and grilled depending on choice, and patata fritas (chips) are widely served as a standard accompaniment. The ‘Ensalada Mixta’ (mixed salad) is a commonly shared centre of table dish to start with.

eating mejillones

‘Porra’ is a classic Antequeran staple, originating here. Based on Gaspacho (a tomato based cold soup commonly served in the summer) ingredients: tomato, garlic, peppers and onion, with breadcrumbs and cream added and whisked to form a puree (the porra), then topped with fragments of ham and chopped boiled egg. It is usaully eaten with bread, using it as a dip, or just a spoon, and served either as a tapa or a starter for a main meal.

eating porra

The ‘Mollete’ originated in Antequera, being a bread made with olive oil, in an oval bun shape, and eaten as a breakfast or morning snack with any type of filling such as tomato paste, paté, jamón serrano, cheese, or olive oil trickled on. Toasted or plain it is delicious.

Eating Mollete for breakfast

‘Bienmesabe’ is another local recipe: a desert cake made with apple, cinnamon, and icing sugar. Temptingly sweet!

eating bienmesabe

The Pubs (with the exception of El Coto – see the guide below – which is more a small lounge bar with low music) are an Andalucian interpretation of the UK pub, catering more for the younger market, though often populated by all age groups. Loud music, large screen TV’s, and usually young bar staff are the norm. Opening hours, depending on the day, tend to be from early evening (with exceptions such as Pub Stadium and Pub Rolling which rotatingly – i.e. one or the other, having the same owner – open around midday depending on anticipated trade) continuing into the early hours of the morning. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights you will likely find them full (and loud!). Drinks may be served with crisps or nuts, but no tapas.


Opening hours vary for the Cafeteria/Bars, but most are open at least by shopping hours (i.e. 09.30 hrs) serving sandwhiches, mollete with toppings, and some pastries, in addition to coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft and alcoholic drinks. Many open before, catering for early start workers, with breakfast snacks, coffee / tea, and perhaps a copa (small liqueur glass) of anis, whisky or brandy.


Restaurants commonly have a bar for tapas. Table dining will be á la Carte, and often the Menú del Dí­a, with waiter (camarero) service. Opening hours vary, but the kitchens are usually serving lunches by 13.00-13.30 hrs, and will close around 16.00hrs. Evening dining is usually from 20.00hrs onwards.


The guide below is current at time of writing. Businesses can change hands surprisingly often in the current economic climate, and the name too can change with new owners.

Bar/Cafeteria La Fuerza

Calle Alameda de Andalucia

Bar/Cafeteria La Plaza
Plaza de Castilla

Bar/Cafeteria del Centro
Calle Cantereros
Bar/Cafeteria Florida
Calle Lucena

Bar/Cafeteria Marengo
Calle Cantareros

Bar/Cafeteria La Herradura

Calle Infante Don Fernando

Jamoneria Fuentes
Calle San Augustin

Bar/Cafeteria Toral
Calle Diego Ponce

Bar/Cafeteria/Restaurant Reina

Calle Infante (behind the San Augustin church)
Bar/Restaurant Capuchinos
Avenida de la Legion

Bar/Restaurant Carrera
Calle Carrera

Bar/Restaurant Chicon

Calle Infante Don Fernando

Bar/Restaurant La Mariposa II
Poligono, Calle Efebo

Bar/Restaurant Las Adelfas
Poligono, Calle Rio Guadalhorce

Restaurant Coso San Francisco
Calle Calzada

Restaurant Adarve
Calle Merecillas

Bar Calzada
Calle Calzada

Bar/Restaurant Numero Uno
Calle Lucena


Calle Cambron de San Bartolome

Meson/Restaurant Pañero
Calle Cuesta Zapateros

Bar/Restaurant Pizarro

Calle Pizarro

Bar/Restaurant Vidal
Calle Infante Don Fernando

Bar Galeon
Calle Alameda de Andalucia

Cafeteria/Restaurant La Peña
Poligono, Centro de Negocios Cadi Edificio Málaga

Cafeteria Santa Catalina
Calle Paco de Antequera

Caserí­o San Benito
Ctra. Córdoba-Malaga

Restaurant (Hotel) Finca Eslava
Ctra. Córdoba

Meson Del Jamon Eva
Calle Comedias

Meson Restaurant Juan Manuel
Calle San Augustin

Meson Iberico Dehesa De Las Hazuelas
Calle Encarnacion

Restaurant (Chinese) Olympica
Calle Carreteros

Restaurant Parador Nacional Turismo
Paseo Garcia del Olmo

Taberna El Rincon De Lola
Calle Encarnacion

Restaurant Los Verdiales
Calle Zacatin

Restaurant Angelote
Calle Encarnacion

Restaurant El Encinar
Urbanization Santa Catalina

Restaurant El Faro
Ctra. Córdoba, cruce de la Vega

Cafeteria/Restaurant El Poligono
Poligono, Calle Efebo

Restaurant La Dehesa
Ctra. Córdoba-Málaga

Bar/Restaurant (Hotel) Lozano
Poligono, Avenida Principal

Restaurant La Fabrica
Poligono, Avenida Principal esquina El Romeral

Restaurant La Sierra
Autoví­a A45 km 134-136

Restaurant La Yedra
Ctra. N-331 km 136

Restaurant (Hotel) Las Villas
Avenida Cruz Blanca

Restaurant (Hotel) Los Dolmenes
Ctra. Málaga, cruce Romeral

Restaurant Plaza De Toros
Paseo Maria Cristina

Cafeteria/Bar/Restaurant Plaza San Sebastian
Plaza San Sebastian 4

Restaurant Molino Blanco
Ctra. El Torcal

Restaurant El Tornillo
Ctra. Torcal

Restaurant Meson Casa Del Agua
Ctra. Torcal

Restaurant El Conejo
Ctra. Torcal

Restaurant Los Pilotos
Ctra. Córdoba-Malaga

Burger King
Calle Cantareros

Calle Infante Don Fernando

Big Wok
Ctra. Talavera

Restaurant Italiano Lucullo
Calle Remedios Tomás

Bar Sol y Sombra
Calle Alameda Principal

Restaurant Escribano
Plaza de Los Escribanos

Bar El Tapeo
Calle Obispo 15

Bar La Bombenera
Calle Bombeo 11

Super Pollo (chicken) Burguer
Parque Sol 28

Krasty Burguer
Calle Lucena 49

LauraVeronica (Cafeteria/Bar)
Calle Oaxaca, Parque Veronica

Parilla (Grill) Argentina Nahuel
Calle Erasmo de Rotterdam 8

Bar Lorca
Calle Lucena, in front of San Augustin church

Pub Alambique
Calle Alameda de Andalucia 19

Pub El Coto
Calle Cantereros

Pub Ébano (Churri)
Plaza San Francisco 9

Pub Coconut
Calle Calzada 20

Pub Rolling
Calle Calzada 13

Pub Buddha
Calle Calzada 11

Pub El Refugio
Calle Calzada 7

Pub Fox Boulevard
Calle Calzada 14

Pub/Cafeteria La Guagua
Calle Diego Ponce 6

Pub Casablanca
Calle Campaneros 5

Pub Stadium
Calle Calzada

Pub El Condado
Calle Diego Ponce 8