Properties for Sale

Properties for Sale

There are some wonderful homes on sale in Antequera, either for permanent living, a holiday home, or as an investment for rental and future capital growth. Given the economic climate, now is an excellent time to buy.

Antequera is seen here as a desirable place to live, not surprisingly, in view of it’s beauty and the completeness of it’s infrastructure: excellent hospital, financial center, shopping and social amenities etc. Consequently property prices are higher here than in the pueblos (villages) in the Antequera comarca (region).

Undoubtedly the ongoing growth in prices over previous years has halted, and prices have dropped. The Antequera housing market though, has been quite robust in this respect, and prices have not fallen as much as in some other areas. We anticipate that prices have levelled off and are unlikely to fall futher. There are some very good purchases to be made.

Antequera has several Estate Agents in the centre of town, including Torcal Inmobiliaria, and Mejias, two of the larger ones. Both are Spanish owned, and cover a wide area beyond Antequera. We have included here the property portfolio of Antequera Properties, being English owned, and dealing solely with Antequera town and the immediate surrounding area. The owners have lived here for over 10 years and are well versed with the market and the buying process. They have English speaking lawyers and mortgage arrangers should you require them. The featured properties are a selection at time of writing, and there will be other properties ready for inclusion, or that can be found according to the specified desires of the potential purchaser. Each property has a one paragraph personal assesment prior to the property details.

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Some tips for looking to buy a property in Antequera


The featured prices with all Agents should be taken as a guide only, and will almost always be subject to negotiation, sometimes substantially. There is a widespread belief within the community here (as in most of Spain) that all foreign incomers are financially well off. Unlike in the UK for example, house sale asking prices are determined by the owner, and the Agent can have little influence in valuing a property if the owner has set his sights on a figure, which might not bear a relation to the true market value. The Agent will negotiate on your behalf should you be interested in a property but put off by the price.


It is common for owners to claim any room that is not a kitchen, bathroom, or lounge, as a bedroom! The Agent here provides a ‘foreigners view’ i.e. a realistic assesment of what constitutes a bedroom, and what in reality is a study or storage room.


Often properties can be designated as in Antequera, as this attracts interest, whereas they are in the Antequera region, and not necessarily in the town itself. Look for designates such as ‘central’ or ‘town centre’ when window shopping on websites.